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Where instructions are submitted to a barrister for paperwork, they will normally be reviewed by the barrister within 48 hours or receipt into chambers. Paperwork received after 5.00.pm. will be deemed as received the following working day. The purpose of the 48 hour review is to ensure that the barrister is able to accept the instructions and to return the completed work within the required timescale.  If no timescale is specified, we aim to return all papers within 14 days.  You are welcome to specify an earlier timescale for the return of papers by marking your requirements clearly on the instructions.  Where your barrister requires further information from you or there is some other agreed reason to defer the work, the timescale for return of the papers will be adjusted accordingly. In some cases it may be necessary for us to approach you and ask for an extension of time for the completion of the work.  If that occurs, you will have the option of instructing an alternative barrister if you wish, the clerks will be happy to assist you with this process.


Chambers will accept password protected instructions by email, although instructing clients are advised to consult with one of the clerks in advance. Instructions sent by email will not be deemed as received until they have been acknowledged either by one of the clerks or the intended recipient.  All instructions should be sent to clerks@atlanticchambers.co.uk or family@atlanticchambers.co.uk (depending on the barrister you wish to instruct, if you need assistance with this please telephone chambers 0151 236 4421).


Wherever possible, we shall endeavour to ensure that your choice of barrister is available.  However we cannot guarantee this for cases which have not already been fixed for hearing when the papers are received.  All efforts will be made to resolve conflicts between professional engagements, but sometimes it will be necessary for us to suggest details of those barristers that are available as an alternative once the date is known.  Where the date of the hearing is known when the booking is made, we will advise you at that time of any forseeable problems and you will have the choice of whether to instruct an alternative barrister. Where unforeseen problems arise over a barristers attendance we will inform you at the earliest opportunity and provide assistance in resolving the problem.


Clerks are fully aware of the potential for conflicts of interest and care is taken by the clerks with conflict checks in operation. Where chambers is instructed to act for both parties in a case, separate clerking  will be provided.


In privately funded cases we will give you an indication of the barristers likely fees when requested to do so.  Upon receipt of the papers we will, when requested be in a position to provide a fixed fee or hourly rate.  This is normally not necessary in publicly funded or conditional fee cases.  The Bar Standards Board Standard Contractual Terms can be found here


All members are registered under the Data Protection Act 2018 which came into effect on 25 May 2018 and sits alongside GDPR.


Chambers has wheelchair friendly conference rooms and toilet facilities, level access is available via 43 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 9QU. 


We welcome all feedback.  It will be noted and used to improve our service. We therefore encourage you to let us know where we are succeeding or, more importantly, failing.  We understand the pressures on your time, but the provision of feedback really will help us to improve the service we offer to you.  Any of our staff will take a note of any oral feedback you may give us, and of course we welcome written feedback also.