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Direct Access

You can now go directly to a barrister without the need to involve a solicitor. Atlantic Chambers are able to offer a large group of direct access barristers specialising in all differing areas of law.

Barristers can advise you about your case and will be available to negotiate on your behalf, attending inerviews or hearings where appropriate.  There may be times where you may still need to instruct a solicitor, your barrister will advise you if this is the best course for dealing with your case.

Click here for The Bar Council guidance on instructing a barrister direct.

Members of Atlantic Chambers direct access team:


  • Simon Gorton QC
  • John Benson QC
  • Anne Whyte QC
  • Elizabeth Isaacs QC
  • Nigel Ginniff
  • Gareth Thomas
  • Nicholas Ryan
  • Simon Booth 
  • Celia Lund
  • Ann Beattie
  • Graham Sellers
  • Simon Dawes
  • Christine Johnson
  • Nicholas Jackson
  • Amanda Howard
  • Andrew Banks
  • Charles Prior
  • Kenneth Delaney
  • Neil Downey
  • Sophie Smith
  • Carl Gorton
  • Arlene Milne
  • Lee Bonner
  • Mark Steward
  • Michael Armstrong
  • David Tinkler
  • Martin Mensah
  • Rebecca Ackerley
  • Natalie Cuddy
  • Olivia Cox
  • James Patience
  • Shannon Eastwood
  • Nicola Hunt
  • Julie Ashley
  • Eleonore Berthelsen



Year of call: 2003

Inn: Inner Temple

Area: Chancery and Commercial
Court of Protection

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Year of call: 1989

Inn: Gray's Inn

Area: Civil Litigation

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Year of call: 1992

Inn: Lincoln's Inn

Area: Chancery and Commercial

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Michael Armstrong 1

Year of call: 2002

Inn: Inner Temple

Area: Civil Litigation
Public Law

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Year of call: 1993

Inn: Lincoln's Inn

Area: Chancery and Commercial
Proceeds of Crime
Court of Protection

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