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Chambers backs Liverpool Foodbanks



Atlantic Chambers is to support the North Liverpool and South Liverpool Foodbanks for the next year.

The two Liverpool Foodbanks provide emergency parcels of three days worth of nutritionally balanced food to people whose need has been identified by frontline agencies such as GPs, health visitors, social workers and the police.

In North Liverpool, it is led by St. Andrew's Community Network in Clubmoor, working with other local churches and community groups to collect and distribute food across the area.

Since opening in November 2011 it has fed more than 7,000 people from its seven distribution centres.

South Liverpool Foodbank is operated from Bridge Chapel Centre in Allerton and since starting in October 2009 has helped more than 4,500 people.

Simon Gorton QC, head of Atlantic Chambers, said: "The fact that people in our community are going hungry is simply wrong. We took the collective decision at Atlantic Chambers to make a contribution to the foodbanks as it is such a worthy cause  and we
sincerely hope that our contributions will help deliver even better services to those who need them most."

North Liverpool Foodbank has seen an increased demand for help in the last year. From 1 April 2012 - 30th June 2012 it fed 869 and of these, 298 were children under 16. From 1 April 2013 - 30th June 2013 it fed 1625 and of these, 561 were children under 16.

Similar increases were also recorded in benefit changes and delays.

Andrea McGanity, who manages the North Liverpool food bank, said: "We have experienced a greater need for our help in the last year. The stories that people tell you about their lives are heart-breaking. People come to us often sad, embarrassed and ashamed, but leave feeling thankful and the fact that some has listened to them and given them the time means so much to them. 

"So gifts of food, time or funds help us help others. We couldn't do what we do without contributions from organisations like Atlantic Chambers. Their commitment is so important in our mission to stop people going hungry and to help them get back on their feet."

North Liverpool Foodbank now also gives out good quality second hand clothes from 'The Hanger', where a client needs to be referred from their supporting agency.

Andrea added: "We started this because we had so many people telling us that the clothes they are stood in are the only ones they own."

The Liverpool Foodbanks are operated in partnership with the national organisation Trussell Trust which has helped establish more than 200 such ventures across the UK.